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What materials are used in Modular Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen is made up of more than 15 different materials and we thought of explaining each one of them, so that customers of Wonder Spaces are aware of all types of Hardware that are used in Modular Kitchen by us. These materials are recommended, final choice of customer is always important to us.

Materials for Modular Kitchen
Materials for Modular Kitchen

  1. Carcass: Often called back box is the foundation of Modular Kitchen. At Wonder Spaces, we use HDHMR Boards and BWR Ply boards. HDHMR Boards are High Density High Moisture resistant boards that termite proof and very durable when compared to BWR Ply Boards.

  2. Shutters: For shutters we use MDF, HDF and Ply boards. Wonder Spaces recommends using HDF as it is durable and not heavy for the hinges thus making it more robust. A perfect option when you don't want your doors to fall apart.

  3. Hardware for Drawers: Hardware for drawers are usually soft close, meaning that they close softly and do not make any type of sound while opening or closing. Hettich and Blum (Hafele) are our choices for the drawers.

  4. Hardware for Hinges: Hinges are again soft closing that are preferred and Hettich is mostly used for this as we have been using it for years and do not face any complaint's from the customers.

  5. Bottle Pull Outs: We use Inox Satin bottle pull outs for its looks and durability. A perfect bottle pull out within the budget of customer and works perfectly.

  6. Pantry: Inox Pantry are working wonders, at half the price of many competitors, this pantry is our first choice for Modular Kitchen.

  7. Rolling Shutter: We love Rehau rolling shutter often marketed by Hafele. Correct us if we are wrong here. This is good quality and works perfectly in different sizes.

  8. Screws and Small Hardware: Often Ebco, hanging brackets definitely Ebco. We will recommend Ebco for drawers and hinges too however lack of ready availability is a problem that we faced in Gurgaon and Delhi markets and therefore we stick to above brands.

  9. Skirting: Skirting by Hettich or Inox is great for use. This PVC Skirting option is good as modular Kitchen is on legs and thus there is gap for the legs and skirting.

  10. Legs: Rehau legs are sturdy. These legs are made of PVC material and waterproof.

  11. Glass and Mirror: For glass we recommend Modi Guard or Saint Gobain. No questions asked. Lacquered glass by these companies are also good bet.

  12. Profiles: Profiles by Ebco and Hettich are doing the rounds. Depends on colour choice of the customer. The rose gold profile of Ebco was really appreciated by many customers.

  13. Dish Rack: Hettich dish rack is good, but if you want to save some cost you can also opt for Inox dish rack.

  14. Led Lights: If you are adding led lights in your kitchen, Syska Led is good brand to go for. These days a good warranty on lights is anywhere between 1 to 2 years.

  15. Other hardwares: There are many brands and companies who import materials from countries like Italy, China, Germany etc. materials often are of good quality for dustbins, PVC Cutlery tray and many small items that are important for over all functionality of your kitchen.

  16. Appliances: Wonder Spaces does not sell appliances, however some key appliances for modular kitchen are chimney, hob, microwave, toaster, sandwich maker, oven, mixer, grinder, dish washer and air fryer.

Home Interior Journey Starts with Wonder Spaces

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