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Wonder Spaces 10X - For Everyone!

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Opportunity is


Make most of your 'Wonder Spaces 10X Platform' 

by accessing the sales team of Wonder Spaces. 


  • 100% Secure

  • 45 Days Money Back guaranteed (If there is no sale)

  • Rs. 10,000 maximum payout per Rs. 5000 invested


A Wonder Spaces Crowd funding Initiative. 

What is WS10X?

WS10X program by Wonder Spaces is a Crowd Funding program for lead generation. Wonder Spaces allows everyone to participate in lead generation by investing Rs. 5000 per person (Refundable), this amount is used to fund digital marketing goals of Wonder Spaces to generate leads for products of Wonder Spaces - Modular Kitchen, HVAC, Auditorium, TV units, Wardrobes etc. Once the sale is realized (Deal Won), Wonder Spaces completes production & installation of items and 10% margin of woodwork is shared with Crowd Funding Participant of WS10X program up to Rs. 10,000.  


Invest in WS10X - Rs. 5000 & Grow with Wonder Spaces!

  • Maximum payout 10X of your investment, that is Rs. 10,000 

  • Refund Policy: Rs. 5000 is refunded back in your account if there is no lead conversion with 45 days

  • Contact details of Leads are not shared due to the privacy policy

  • Our Sales Team will call, visit and convert leads to "Closed Won"

  • You get 10% on Wood Work after completion of the project (After Wonder Spaces receives 100% payment from the customer)


For more details, check Terms & Conditions of WS10X Program


Wonder Spaces 10X?

Set Your Own Pace

You decide when & how often you want to buy leads.

Get Paid Fast

Payments immediately after completion of the project.

Get Support

Get 100% payment back if there is no sale. 

How 10X Works?

Grow with Wonder Spaces (Buy Leads + Share Margins)

STEP 1: You start by paying Rs. 5000. We will purchase leads for Wonder Spaces (Home Interiors) like Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, TV Units etc.


Please Note: We will share with you, a Digitial Marketing Report where we will mention the cost per lead, the number of leads generated and other related information. We will also share with you, a Sales Report within 15 days of purchase. Wonder Spaces (KIWCO) does not give any guarantee for actual sale realization. 



STEP 2: Wonder Spaces Marketing Team uses digital marketing to capture live leads and deploys sales team for these leads. 


STEP 3: Wonder Spaces Sales Team interacts with potential customers and closes the deal (Deal Won) / customer makes a purchase.


STEP 4: You get 10% Margin on Woodwork after we receive 100% payment from customer and handing over of the project to the customer (up to Rs. 10,000) 


Note: If there is no Sale, you get Rs. 5000 (100% of the total payment made) refunded. This policy is valid until December 2019. 


For more details contact us today at 8130402421 or 8076462421

Hand Holding a Plant

Grow With Us

Terms & Conditions of WS10X Program

Terms & Conditions of WS10X Program (Terms of Use) is for participants of WS10X Program. 

1. WS10X Program or Wonder Spaces 10X Program is a Crowd Funding program for lead generation for Wonder Spaces, a division under KIWCO. 

2. A participant is a person who wishes to invest Rs. 5000 in WS10X 

3. The participant should be at least 18 years and above 

4. Rs. 5000 is maximum investment a participant (one individual) can make at any given point of time until the previous Rs. 5000 (Earlier WS10X investment) is fully utilized for lead generation purpose and 'No Objection Letter' is issued in favour of WS10X Program

5. Maximum payout (of margin sharing, commissions or profit-sharing) will not exceed Rs. 10,000

6. GST Invoice will be generated for Rs. 5000 invested in WS10X program

7. The leads generated will be forwarded to the sales team of Wonder Spaces 

8. Contact details of leads will not be shared with the participant, check Privacy Policy

9. Payout will be released only after Wonder Spaces receives 100% payment from the customer (After handing over the project)

10. The participant can re-invest in WS10X only after getting a new WS10X Participant (Referal) 


Privacy Policy of WS10X

Privacy Policy of WS10X is governed by the Privacy Policy of Wonder Spaces

with the following additions to Privacy Policy:

1. WS10X Privacy is governed by the privacy policy of Wonder Spaces 

3. We do not share contact information of leads generated to participants of Wonder Spaces 10X (WS10X) program 

4. Participant information is not shared with other participants of WS10X 

5. Participant information is shared with the Sales Team and other internal departments of Wonder Spaces 

6. For more information please contact us (M) 8130402421


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