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5 Kitchens with Unique Base Cabinets never seen before!

Modular Kitchen base cabinets are the primary load bearing structure. These primary load bearing base cabinets are often 2.5 feet tall and width is adjusted based on the hardware and accessory requirement. E.g. type of drawer, 2 feet width, 1.5 feet width or even 3 feet width. Similarly there are accessories like bottle pull outs which can be less than 1 feet in width.

What if you don't need any aceessory and hardware for your base cabinet? What if your kitchen is a show kitchen, or open kitchen which will be seen by guests whoever come to your place. For those matters, and many more, it brings out a possible aesthetics that is rarely seen otherwise.

You can get these unique modular kitchens in Delhi and Gurgaon, for more details contact us

We have picked up few images across the internet to highlight, what can be done, to focus on all these points and many more, for making your open kitchen more beautiful, a kitchen that can make a statement.

A perfect kitchen showcasing moulded cabinets, a post forming technique, and legs made up of wood, two pieces joined together, made for a perfect statement. The polish on the base wood is also adding grace to this unique kitchen design.

If you are in love with ship or sea, this is a great reminder for your dream home. This kitchen shows us that you can do anything with your kitchen, if you have space and if you want to make a statement. Add multiple base cabinets in different shape keeping the top height from floor at 2.5 feet.

The design has a utility, check out the shelves and sink placement, making this kitchen a perfect design element that we all need.

What if you could make things in circles, a kitchen with base cabinets in round shaped, circles or perhaps a unique design making it look like nothing seen before, a kitchen with utility and uniqueness both. These base cabinets are storage space too. The main support comes from the concrete slab like structure with polish.

Small kitchen in open spaces, checkout the counter table that becomes a breakfast counter for your family. The round semicircle counter as base adds upto more magic in a unique way.

This kitchen has base cabinets and counter with extended table making this a good choice for those who want to bring in more people, perhaps a party for extended buffet layout. We love this one!

Loved them, have more ideas? Let us know

Get your unique modular kitchen at Wonder Spaces in Delhi, Gurgaon with Pan India Delivery.


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