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6 Kitchen New Colour Combinations that you can choose from Instagram

It is not an easy job to choose colours for your kitchen cabinet, the finish choices are still easy to choose from four main options - laminate, acrylic, Pu and membrane. However, when it comes to choosing colour, we have more than 400+ colour options to choose from just on Laminate and another 200+ colour options in PU paint. We all get confused on what will look best. Here are 6 kitchen examples for new colour combinations that you can choose from Instagram. These colours are just looking super fresh and we recommend you to follow our blog for more home decor inspirations.

Blue Kitchen
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We have made a simple list to allow you to get inspiration from these 20 kitchens on Instagram that we love!


Yellow colour has power to brighten up the room. A very happy colour mixed with white counter top and white walls create a happy one in your kitchen. Yellow colour can be coordinated well white and even brown. We have also seen a kitchen with wooden texture thrown in a Yellow Kitchen.


When we looked for this kitchen, we focussed on the colour combinations that were popping out. What looks retro here? How about a yellow painted screen door and an orange hand painted shudder in the corner. These are ideas by people who have inspired millions for the kitchen designs and home decor.

3. Grey & White Kitchen

A perfect combination, grey and white in the kitchen always look good without doubt. You can mix them in many ways, e.g. having grey base and wall cabinets and white tall cabinets as seen in this kitchen, you can also have combination of grey base and white wall cabinets. Add handles or handle-less profiles for the kitchen, to suit your needs.

4. Cosy Kitchen in Rich Tones

We do not often see richer tones or darker exposed brick in kitchens in this age of “light and bright”, so it’s rather refreshing to see this cozy, very traditional kitchen. Are you looking for cosy kitchen inspirations?

5. Pastel Kitchen Theme

Who doesn't like pastel colours? A soothing theme in the kitchen, with beautiful counters added with chairs. Checkout the corner cabinet with pastel coloured crockery as well. There are so many colours in this category that it gets difficult to choose from.

6. Orange Kitchen

How bold is orange? And what happens when you get it? There are two options that love, either go for full orange or full white with hint of orange, either ways, modular kitchen looks fresh and vibrant at all times.


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