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Buying Kitchen Handles

Selecting the best finish among laminate, acrylic, membrane or PU is only one step towards getting a new kitchen. If you are looking for top quality modular kitchen, small details are all that matters.

Handles for kitchen add extra appeal to your dream kitchen, it sets the main theme for your kitchen and selecting beautiful handles is equally important.

We have divided the buying decision into different steps, to help you understand how modular kitchen latest handles, can affect to the overall design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Handle
Kitchen Handle


The design of the handle will set the theme of your kitchen. Are you looking for more vintage look or model sleek minimalistic design? How would you like to open your drawers? Do you want a handle-less kitchen or beautiful handles to pull out drawers or open cabinets?

There are any options to go for, the common options are:-

  1. Round Knobs

  2. Horizontal handles

  3. Vertical Handles

  4. Vintage Handles

  5. Straps or pull options (Latch)

  6. Fabric / Leather Handles


Main metals that are used as material for kitchen handles are Nickle, Bronze, Steel, Aluminium and wood. Some other commonly used materials are Steel and Iron. Many companies have also started offering handles in Leather, Fabric pull outs etc.

Aluminium pull outs are cheapest and Zinc handles are considered to be Non-Toxic. Ebco provides a good range of Zinc coated handles.

Shape & Size

Kitchen handles come in all types of shapes and sizes. E.g. round, straight, vertical and horizontal, curved & straight edges. The size of the kitchen handle can depend on how you want to use it. There is no straight answer to what works best as every customer has his / her own choice of shapes and sizes. How to use, is the biggest key thought process before finalising the shape and size of the kitchen handle.


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