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Concept Kitchen: Island + Tall Cabinets

Wonder Spaces recently designed a concept kitchen for a customer in New Delhi. This kitchen features island hob, with island chimney and multiple tall cabinets.

Customer wanted ample space for island counter, with multiple options of storage as the family is big. Also customer likes to host parties and this becomes a place for buffet spread. We also enjoyed to design multiple aspects in terms of symmetry and execution of this wonderful Modular Kitchen.

Modular Kitchen in Delhi has become a necessity of every individual who plans to build a new home or plans to renovate old home. Delhi is the centre point of explosion of Modular Kitchen trend and it is seen that every household now requires a definite good quality modular kitchen in Delhi.

Wonder Spaces supplies modular kitchen in Delhi, Girgaon, Noida and Faridabad as the manufacturing unit is in Delhi. Wonder Spaces also ships to all parts of the world. Recently Modular Kitchen was designed and to be shipped to Mauritius.

People trust Wonder Spaces not only for good quality of Modular Kitchen but also for professional execution of beautiful kitchen and designs.

Few photos of this kitchen design:

Planning to get top quality Modular Kitchen at affordable price? Get Wonder Spaces - call 8130402421 or visit website and fill contact form.


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