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How to book Modular Kitchen during Covid19 Epidemic in Delhi NCR?

We at Wonder Spaces are working from home to make sure that we are in touch with our customers for whatever they need.

Currently, we are working on, new orders, new designs and layout planning for upcoming projects. As you are aware, once lockdown is over, we will re-start site visits for all our new projects and therefore we request you to follow following steps to reduce overall time for booking your modular kitchen in 2020.

Steps to book your Modular Kitchen in Delhi NCR or Gurgaon during Covid19 Epidemic:

Step 1: Contact us and get Free rough estimation for your kitchen

Step 2: Allow us to make 3D drawings of your kitchen

Step 3: Schedule a visit to our showroom once Lockdown is over

Important Information:

If you or your friends are looking for PPE supplies like N95 masks, Face Masks, Coveralls, ICU Surgical gowns then we are working with Face Mask Exporters: for supplies related to Covid19.

We suggest you visit the site for more information.

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