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How to make your Modular Kitchen more exclusive?

2020, is round the corner and this blog post talks about Modular Kitchen and its importance in your home. How to make your Modular Kitchen more exclusive? The visual appeal of a modular kitchen not only adds grace to your overall home but also encourages your other spaces to look equally good. The sophistication of having a soft close Hettich or Hafele Blum drawers to bi-fold lifts, makes your living areas look good. The modular furniture brings to you latest designs, technology which is totally based on utility of your kitchen.

The modular furniture industry has evolved over time and is moving in right direction of superior materials, better ergonomics and hardware. The sleek profile handles, motorised drawers, soft closing channels (Innotech Hardware Drawers) are all the new things that is accessible everywhere around the world. Now you can get best of the best materials sitting in India, Delhi - Gurgaon - you can get your dream kitchen from Wonder Spaces.

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How can you make your modular kitchen more premium and exclusive than ever before?

1. Motorised Lift - Ups

Get best of the best lifts in the industry with Wonder Spaces Lift - Ups with Hafele Blum or Hettich fittings. A motorised drawers just makes it even more fantastic, a push of a button can lift the two shutters of bi fold lift up at a blink of an eye. A treat to watch, a perfect utility when you are in the kitchen and need a quick access to one of your crockery items. A must when you are going for exclusive look.

All Iconic Modular Kitchens by Wonder Spaces come with Motorised Lift-ups

2. Glass see through Crockery Unit

A glass see-through crockery unit makes your kitchen dazzle with led lights and groove lights you can make this even more sophisticated. if you are going for Led lights at the top then we recommend you to go for glass shelves where the glass will allow the light to pass till the bottom of the cabinet.

3. Led Strip with Drawers

Have you ever wondered where all this light comes from inside the drawers? Well that is because of Led Strips inside the drawers that can make your kitchen look even more premium and exclusive. The Led lights comes with 2 Year warranty and can fit perfectly in the drawers. Every drawer can have Led Strip that lights up as soon as you pull the drawer. A perfect display of sophistication and design that not only is handy but also necessary. Think about going to kitchen at 1 AM for a bite of your favourite dessert. Pull out plat, spoon and knife from your modular kitchen drawer that just lights up for you.

4. Change the colour of your shelves (laminates)

Are you planning to use shelves for the cabinets? How about leaving the old fabric colour laminate behind and use a texture or colour of your choice? A wooden texture perhaps? Or same solid colour that you used from the front? Think about the shelves of see through glass crockery units? Enhance them with display of colour, wooden texture or more.

5. Get best designs from Wonder Spaces

Wonder Spaces allows you to work with designers and artists to create a fusion of best designs that suit your requirements. A modular kitchen not only is display of art, but is one of the most important part of your life. An everyday necessity that nourishes you with food, love and happiness.


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