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How to mix two finishes in Modular Kitchen?

Mixing finishes in modular kitchen is what professionals advice, this is for interior designers and architects to decide how they want to mix two different finishes with different reflective index and nature of material to comprehend the overall design and aesthetics of modular kitchen of your home.

The typical mixes that we have created for customers starts with difference of finishes between base (lower) cabinets and wall cabinets. The desirable mixing is for base cabinets to be laminate finish and wall cabinets to be acrylic finish. This is one of the most recommended mixing that automatically adds more value and luxury appeal to your kitchen as acrylic high gloss has much more shine and reflection than hi gloss laminate. We suggest to go for this combination.

We have also seen customers mixing PU and Acrylic, and Membrane and Acrylic, Laminate and PU as well. The mixing strategy should be based on the requirement, the need to show, and the durability that one wants. We have also seen customers asking for lacquered glass and laminate. One of our recent customers are requiring us to give them white lacquered glass for wall cabinets and hi gloss laminate for base cabinet. This will be one of the most smooth, luxurious and high gloss look as lacquered glass is easy to clean with high reflective index.

Customers also choose between mirrors, tinted mirrors, lacquered glass, acrylic, membrane, PU, Pu Panels, Laminates and few other options.

We have shortlisted these choices below in FAQ format:-

1. What is the best mix that Wonder Spaces recommends?

We recommend to go for mix between Hi Gloss Laminate and Hi Gloss Acrylic

2. What are different types of mixes that are possible to choose from?

You can choose your mixes between laminate, acrylic, lacquered glass, membrane and PU

3. Is it okay to have lacquered glass for base cabinets?

Base cabinets are mostly used, and are also prone to scratches when comparing with wall cabinets. If you are going for a mix then we suggest you go for Hi Gloss laminate for base cabinets and Lacquered glass for wall cabinets or Hi Gloss Acrylic for wall cabinets.


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