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Membrane Shutters for Kitchen

Membrane shutters for the kitchen is again gaining popularity in India. These shutters can be used for both kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

The membrane is a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil. It is available in matte, glossy and even wooden finishes. The foil is wrapped around medium density fibreboard under high pressure.

All those photos of beautiful kitchen and wardrobes that we see on Pinterest and online, having a border, or carved design on the face of the cabinet door is a membrane shutter. Membrane shutters for the kitchen are again gaining popularity, perhaps because of widely circulated membrane shutters photos on the internet. It is more widely used in many western countries and has more design appeal than laminate plain shutters.

"Many manufacturers in New Delhi and nearby regions do not have membrane shutter solutions or CNC machines and that is why they promote Acrylic or Laminate Shutters" - Rajesh

The main point that differentiates Membrane from laminate is the edge banding process. The membrane is a foil and therefore edges are smooth (curved or round) and can achieve any shape, while laminate is a flat paper glued together and therefore edge banding machines are used in the case of laminate.

Membrane Kitchen Shutters by Wonder Spaces
Membrane Kitchen Shutters

The membrane has a rich look and now comes with many options in terms of gloss, texture, brightness, design etc.

Benefits of Membrane Shutters for Kitchen & Wardrobes:

  1. Water-resistant & durable

  2. Available in Glossy & Matte finish

  3. No edge banding required

  4. Easy to maintain and clean

  5. Design and cut out options

Wonder Spaces has many options in different membrane styles and designs. Get your kitchen a makeover with Wonder Spaces membrane solutions.

Wonder Spaces Showroom in Gurgaon:


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