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Modular Kitchen Accessories

Modular Kitchen Accessories is a very vast topic, yet we wanted our customers to know about modular kitchen accessories. There are more than 100+ brands in modular kitchen accessories segment often referred to as Hardware. Modular Kitchen hardware companies like Hettich, Hafele, Ebco, Moda, Inox and many others often use R&D to create new accessories each time for customers. If we talk about drawers, we have telescopic channels as soft close, or Innotech Soft Close with gallery or without gallery, the length of the channel and many more options within sub-categories. Small hardware like screws, hinges, channels, lift-ups, glassware, profiles etc. are also part of modular kitchen accessories. Speciality accessories like bottle pull outs, pantry, corner units are also part of modular kitchen accessories.

To focus on modular kitchen accessories in this article, we will talk about categories and sub categories. This will help you understand better.

Categories & Sub Categories of Modular Kitchen Accessories:

  1. Small Hardware & Accessories

  2. Basic Hardware & Accessories

  3. Speciality Hardware & Accessories

Small Hardware & Accessories

Small Hardware & Accessories are those items for your modular kitchen that are less than Rs. 1000. It is easier way to arrange these items under one head. E.g. shelf pins, screws and son on. The quantity will obviously matter for the total cost of these items, but usually for one kitchen if any item is not more than Rs. 1000 can be small hardware and accessories. Among above examples here is a list of small hardware & accessories for your modular kitchen:

Small Hardware for Modular Kitchen
Small Hardware for Modular Kitchen

  • Shelf pins

  • Mirror Screws

  • Screws (different sizes)

  • Jointers and Connectors

  • Adhesives

  • Hanging Brackets

Basic Hardware & Accessories

Basic Hardware & Accessories are those items for your modular kitchen that are necessary for fitting and completing each module of modular kitchen. As you are aware, modular kitchen comes in different modules. Each module has different purpose, often mentioned as systems. E.g. drawer systems, cabinet systems, lift up systems etc. This can not be arranged on the basis of price alone, as the range often starts from just Rs. 100 and can go up to Rs. 10,000 for one item. This can not be arranged on the basis of brands either as there are numerous brands in this category.

Drawer in Kitchen

We therefore, just focus on two main systems - hinges and drawers. We have mentioned brands that we recommend for modular kitchen accessories in this category and have arranged it on the basis of system & brands, these basic hardware accessories are as follows:

Hinges - Hettich, Häfele Blum, Ebco, Inox

  • Hinges Types: Soft Close or Normal Type

Drawers - Hettich, Häfele Blum

  • Drawer Types: Soft Close or Normal Type

Speciality Hardware & Accessories

Specialty Hardware and Accessories are those items that are special, have specific utility and purpose. E.g. Pantry unit will have a specific purpose to store items in tall cabinet under a pantry system. Each pantry is made by different companies in different designs and materials and ranges from Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 depending on brand and design. Speciality hardware & accessories will also depend on units or modules for specific areas e.g. corner units, bottle pullouts and many other options.

We have made it easy for our customers to focus on speciality hardware & accessories with type and brands available.

Bi Fold Liftup

Location and Space

  • Lift-ups - Bi-fold Liftups, Normal Liftups, Gas Liftups

  • Corner Units - F-type trays, S Carousals, Corner Drawers

  • Tall Cabinets - Pantry units, drawer units, crockery units

  • Base Cabinets - Bottle Pullouts, Mixer Stands


  • Accessories for drawers: Plate Holders, Cutlery Trays, Cup Holders


If you are looking for modular kitchen with good design, space utilisation and perfect use of modern kitchen accessories for your modular kitchen, then contact us today at


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