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Modular Kitchen Franchise

Modular Kitchen is a new concept in India. Even though we see modular kitchen being used by fairly large amount of people in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai however, if we ask ourselves how many people in our distant family and friends use or have modular kitchen in their owned home, the percentage drops to about 10% or sometimes even less.

When surveyed by Wonder Spaces among 100 respondents, the percentage came out to be 7% and this percentage tells a lot about Modular Kitchen Industry as a whole. It is growing, it has potential. In India, every new house that is being built requires modular kitchen and Wonder Spaces is producing to announce that it is starting startup initiation Wonder Spaces Franchise Program for people who want to start their business in Modular Kitchen business with support and help from big companies and brands like Wonder Spaces.

Wonder Spaces Franchise Program is an essential program for franchise owners who do not have to pay any amount upfront other than whatever they want to display in their owned or rented stores or showrooms.

We have channel partners who started with Zero stores and earn six figures today!

That says a lot about how Wonder Spaces is growing into India's Trusted Brand. We deliver, and we deliver on time. We do not charge extra for design consultation or help for any designs, 3D concepts and more when you become our buyer. If you have paid us any amount for designing we make sure that we give you cash back at the time of placing the order.

Wonder Spaces allows you to become a franchise by filling this form below:

Get top quality modular kitchen, wardrobe, crockery unit, TV Unit, Vanity and many more products from day one in your product basket, sell all types of modular furniture in your city and start expanding your business with Wonder Spaces support.

Modular Kitchen Franchise is open for all cities in India. Wonder Spaces has becomes india's trusted brand in modular kitchen and wardrobes with on time deliver and fast service support.


Looking for more details? Fill this form here before we start interacting with you: FRANCHISE INTEREST FORM


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