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Paint it now! ​​- Guide to perfect PU Modular Kitchen

Looking for great designs in PU paint modular kitchen options? Look no further, get PU paint option by Wonder Spaces.

What is PU Modular Kitchen?

PU Modular Kitchen is name given to modular kitchen where shutters and exterior finish is often paint finish. Full form of PU is Polyurethane Paint. This paint is one of the most durable paint for kitchen exterior finish and gives a very near look.

Usually the paint is done on the MDF or HDF board itself, given you a full clean and neat finish. Often people try to choose between PU and Acrylic, and most of the times price is the main differentiating factor. PU finish is slight more costly than Acrylic or Laminate finish because of the raw material and labour application costs. However, PU also has other advantages that we will discuss in this post:-

Advantages of PU Paint for Modular Kitchen:

  1. Clean and Neat Look: PU Paint shutters are clean and neat because it is applied directly on the shutter - there is no pasting etc.

  2. Colour options: There are many companies offering PU Paint raw materials and there are many colour options. You can choose anything within the colour spectrum and gives you lot of scope of choosing right colour for your taste and style.

  3. Handles: You can cut MDF or HDF board in a design format giving you more options to design you handles (for handless kitchen, the shutters can itself have grooves to hold fingers for a perfect pull)

  4. Weather resistant: PU Paint is wether resistant meaning you will get good performance and same clean look even in Summers as you get it in Winters.

  5. Limited Risk: There are no vapours emoted and therefore is very safe for environment.

  6. Protection: PU coated shutters are often protected against dirt etc. And protects your furniture and makes it more duarable.

How can Wonder Spaces get you PU Modular Kitchen in just 20-30 days?

Wonder Spaces works with more than 30 vendors in India for providing different quality raw materials for seamless production process. We have partners for PU paint two have experience of over 30 Years in the industry.

Are you looking for PU Modular Kitchen? Call us directly on 8076462421 for Pan India delivery. We also deal in all types of modular furniture like wardrobes, TV units, modular kitchen etc.


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