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Planning Kitchen Layout?

Modular Kitchen planning starts with Wonder Spaces. There are many ways to approach designing a kitchen. Whether you are designing your kitchen yourself or you are designing it in collaboration with an expert, there are some vital questions you should think about.

Here for 7 steps to help you plan your layout for Modular Kitchen:-

1. Shape of Modular Kitchen: The shape of your kitchen depends on space availability, what walls are you planning to use? Following are most common space for Modular Kitchen - L Shape, U Shape, Parallel and Straight Kitchen

2. Where do you want to keep cooking hob?: Do you want to keep cooking hob on left side or right side, will it be opposite sink? How far is the hob from the fridge? These questions help you answer simple question - how much do you want to move in your kitchen?

3. The imaginary triangle: The imaginary triangle between sink, hob and fridge can help you decide how much you move in your kitchen, this is another way to look at the total shape of your kitchen. The shorter triangle is valued to be a good design for kitchen layout for Indian cooking.

4. Placement of kitchen accessories: There are many kitchen accessories in the modern modular kitchen available in your city. These kitchen accessories range from under hob drawers, deep drawers, pic cutlery trays, pull outs, pantry and many more kitchen accessories. Where do you want to place them will also depend on how you will use your modular kitchen.

Plan your kitchen layout with Wonder Spaces designers, and get top quality modular kitchen with Wonder Spaces by contacting us at


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