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Uniqlo India - and more!

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand by a company called Fast Retailing Co Ltd. In India it entered in May, 2018 by the registered name of Uniqlo India Private Ltd. The company aims at young Indian population in metros.

At Wonder Spaces, we love Uniqlo, even if we are into home interiors and furniture segment, we believe Uniqlo has created a design ethos over the years that demands respect for its simplicity and long lasting durable materials.

Wonder Spaces, also aims at simple designs with long lasting durable materials in furniture segment - specially for Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes. Wonder Spaces gives guarantee and quality assurance for over 10 years in furniture like modular kitchen and wardrobes.

Uniqlo opens its first store in New Delhi. The Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj opens the doors at 10:00 AM for all customers.

Next launches: DLF Saket and Cyber Hub, Gurgaon - this brand will be the most sought after clothing brand in New Delhi.

For the launch, Chairman, President and CEO - Tadashi Yani is also in India.

Brand Ambassador - Roger Federer also mentioned Uniqlo India in a recent brand promotion video on Instagram - check it out below:

Fast Retailing has entered a completely new stage that we would never have imagined ten years ago. Originating in Japan, UNIQLO is becoming increasingly valued and respected by people worldwide as a global brand from Asia, and they expect great things from us. - Tadashi Yanai Chairman, President and CEO

This is very true, Uniqlo has garnered more respect than all of the clothing brands combined. How did they reach this level of trust? Well, we think it is because of customer satisfaction and commitment to original designs and quality.

You will not find copied materials, or copied designs or substandard materials from Uniqlo, like we find in todays most brands & even in most of big size retailers in malls. Uniqlo is fresh brand for India and people will love it.

Uniqlo opened at a perfect time - Diwali 2019, while India is witnessing this new launch - we recommend to visit Uniqlo if you are in Delhi or make it your to do list in Delhi because this is the super brand that we all waited for.

Here is Uniqlo India Link:


If you wish to upgrade your home and add crockery units, dining tables, study units, TV Units, Modular Kitchen or Wardrobes - feel free to contact us today!


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