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Wardrobes Online

A perfect place to start looking for wardrobes online is on Wonder Spaces. This blog post will give you detailed insights on wardrobes and almirahs that can be purchased (with customisation) in mind.

There are many online stores available for wardrobes in Indian market who deliver wardrobes online with engineered, particle board material and life of these wardrobes are often less than two years. We suggest you go for a perfect raw material like plyboard (double side laminated) or HDHMR boards for wardrobes as the life of wardrobe drastically increases to more than 10 years.

Wonder Spaces wardrobes online are designed by professional interior designers to give you the best possible utility and by keeping your taste and aesthetics in mind. You can read about wardrobes here:

A wardrobe is basic necessity of your bedroom. It holds not only your clothes but also valuables, small accessories like belts, ties, jewellery, accessories, personal documents, safes, and numerous other belongings. It consists of various sections, and is divided by drawers and shelves. We can customise shelves, drawers based on your requirement.

Grey Wardrobe
Wardrobe adding character to a small bedroom

We have many options for add ons, depending on your need. We can add a mirror, or attachments such as holders for coats, ties, and hangers for belts. The utility value of a wardrobe cannot be undermined. Your choice of wardrobe online should be such that it blends well with other items for your home. Check more information on wardrobes here:

Top points to consider while looking for perfect wardrobe:

  1. Type of Doors: Wardrobes can come with openable doors or sliding doors. Openable doors are cheaper however for sliding doors you require hardware called sliding unit. Hettich is a German brand who has divided this into Top Line and In Line sliders. Check our blog section for more information on the same. If you are buying wardrobes online make sure the type of doors fitted in this online wardrobe.

  2. Space: Wardrobes is for storage and space required by you should be full filled. In customisation, we can go up to ceiling and create space for wardrobes based in the form of lofts or cabinets on top of openable or In-Line wardrobes. However, on top of Top-Line wardrobes we can not create lofts or cabinets as we need some space for the sliding doors to move. Online wardrobes usually do not offer much space, and you will need to understand customisation process.

  3. Carcass / Box Material: The wardrobe box often called the carcass needs to be of sturdy material. As mentioned above as well, we recommend good quality double side laminated ply board or HDHMR board for the carcass material. If you are going to purchase a cheap wardrobe from online websites that offer in particle or engineered wood, you may face problems related to cracks, bends, other common issues with such type of material. At Wonder Spaces, we offer best solution with a guaranteed material in terms of long term durability and ease of use. Wardrobes online do not offer quality materials, read all materials related information carefully.

  4. Finishes: Finish is the final exterior material for your wardrobe. Wonder Spaces offers good quality finish options like Laminate, Acrylic, Pu, Membrane and Glass. We also do Glass Printing on Lacquered Glass. If you want more ideas, visit our idea section here:

If you are someone who is still deciding on what type of wardrobe to buy online or offline and how to customise, just contact us we will call you and discuss more options, if you wish, we can also custom design wardrobes online in 2D and 3D for your understanding, based on your space requirement to give you best quality option for wardrobes in different finishes, with different add ons like hanging units, drawers and shelves.


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