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What are modular kitchen materials?

Top modular kitchen materials are as follows:

1. Backbox / Carcass: Top quality materials and most preferable materials for modular kitchen back box or carcass are plywood, often boiling water-resistant (BWR) Plywood and High-Density High Moisture Resistant Boards (HDHMR). HDHMR is also considered to be termite-proof that makes it even more desirable for Gurgaon, Delhi where Termite is an issue.


2. Front Shutters: Front shutters for the modular kitchen is most important as it is the material which is seen as the final finish. The final finish for front shutters are laminate, high gloss laminate, acrylic, PU and membrane.

3. Hardware: For hardware as modular kitchen material, we prefer Hettich and Hafele brands as they are German and are considered to be very good quality.

What are modular kitchen materials?
What are modular kitchen materials?

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