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What is Edge Banding?

While buying furniture we might have come across the term Edge Banding. Edge Banding is very important point while purchasing modular kitchen and wardrobe in Delhi, Gurgaon and other parts of India.

Over the years the furniture industry has evolved. Wood inherently expands or contracts depending on the weather, the heat and humidity. All these points led to evolution of furniture industry. The overall process of manufacturing plywood, medium density fibre boards and particle boards and now we are seeing HDHMR - high density high moisture resistant boards in the market. These engineered wood not only is easy to use, because of its resistants to climate change, but also comes at reasonably price.

Laminated Board without Tape
Engineered Wood Board with Lamination showing exposed Edges without Tape

Now when the furniture is made out of these boards (engineered boards) the edges are seen open as laminates or acrylic sheets are not pasted on the edges. Therefore, furniture industry developed something called "tape". Tape for edges is being used to conceal edges. Modern modular furniture requires edge banding system to hide the edges and get clean look. Customers often choose same colour as the laminate or acrylic finish colour so that it looks one dominant colour. However, you can also go for a wider dual tape that gives more sophisticated edge look. For more information on this contact us

Edge Banding - edges covered with tape on mdf
Edges covered with tape

When edges are covered with tape using a method / machine called edge banding, it not only gives good finish but also gives a cleaner look. Modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobe shutters need edge banding as main material for the carcass and shutters are plywood, MDF, HDF and HDHMR. In Delhi, Wonder Spaces recommends using Rehau edge banding (like the pick above) tape that covers seamlessly. If you are looking for high quality modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes at affordable price, then contact us by visiting or you can fill the contact form by visiting

If you wish to visit our factory you can mention the same in the contact form where we will show you how we do edge banding and how your furniture will look clean and modern with latest machines in Delhi and Gurgaon.


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