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The laminate finish is a cost-effective choice with a wide range of options to select from.

Everything you want to know about Laminate Modular Kitchen in Delhi, Gurgaon - with pan India Delivery! 

Laminate Modular Kitchen Colours
Top 5 Best Lamiante for Modular Kitchen

What is a Laminate Modular Kitchen?


Laminate Modular Kitchen refers to the front finish of the modular kitchen, or the finish of the shutters and drawers that are used in your kitchen. Laminates are artificial materials, commonly pasted on modular kitchen cabinets. Made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, the upper layer is printed with a pattern or solid colour. The laminates used in kitchen cabinets are pressed in factories using temperature-controlled heavy pressing machines (can go up to 1 ton) that helps in durability and long life of laminate as compared to individual or carpenter pressing.

Laminate Modular Kitchen Colous

Laminate Modular Kitchen Colours


There are many companies that are focusing on Laminates, the two most prominent ones are Merino Laminates and Greenlam. Other companies that are providing laminates are Century, Action Tesa, Rehau etc.


Some peculiar colour points worth mentioning in laminate are as follows:

  1. Matt Laminate: Laminate that is not glossy, it has a natural look, often not shiny, can produce low contrast on dark colours.

  2. Hi-Gloss Laminate: Laminate that is glossy, has a shiny texture, due to a thin layer of coating, the glossy surface can be cleaned easily.

  3. Textured Laminate: Textured laminate is offered by different companies that have various designs and textures including stone finish, marble finish, leather finish, ridge finish, wood grain finish, vertical & horizontal line finish among many other finishes. 

  4. Glass Finish: Few laminate companies in India are offering glass laminate which has a glass-like finish.

  5. Metal Finish: Often only in four colours gold, silver, bronze and rose gold, is gaining popularity for metal finish look. 



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