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Best Wood Modular Kitchen

Best wood modular kitchen often considered as broad topic has been condensed in following points:

Wood Textured Laminates in Kitchen
Wood Textured Laminates pasted on HDHMR Boards

  1. Modular Kitchen Back Box or Carcss: Wooden carcass often is not the solution for modular kitchen in Delhi or Gurgaon where we have termite issues, therefore is it is better to look for termite solution for your modular kitchen. One option is to go for termite treated materials like termite treated plywood, nowadays we also have another material called HDHMR by Action Test, which is termite proof material for your modular kitchen carcass. You can choose more than 400+ colour options which we call finishes.

  2. Finishes for Modular Kitchen: There are different finishes available for modular kitchen, if you are looking for wooden modular kitchen, or perhaps finishes that resemble wooden texture for modular kitchen then you can go for laminates. In India there are many wooden finish options by companies like Merino and Greenlam, and these finishes helps you to make your modular kitchen look more appealing. Wooden texture, grains of wood, lines can be both horizontal and vertical, are often more appealing. Other finishes include solid colours or patterns. All these laminates are usually 1 mm thick and are pasted by Wonder Spaces on HDHMR Boards or Ply Boards using new technologies such as hot press machines etc.

  3. Using Wood as alternative: Nowadays, we hardly use wood as an option, main reason being that natural wood expands in Summers and contracts in Winters, weather and climate change has effect on the same, also termite is a big problem in Delhi and Gurgaon areas for new wooden modular kitchen, therefore we recommend to go for alternative materials like HDHMR boards with wooden texture laminates pasted on the same. These laminates can have perfect horizontal or vertical grains and looks very appealing. You can either go for gloss or matte finish for the same.


Are you planning to buy modular kitchen in Delhi or Gurgaon? We have lot of good options in wooden laminates, solid colours, Hi-Gloss Laminates, Acrylic, Membrane, PU and more. If you want to visit our showroom then follow this map for the same, else you can contact us vy visiting our contact page

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