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Design for Modular Kitchen

The aspiration to start designing your own kitchen starts online. Our customers usually go to Pinterest, make boards and plan their new kitchen. To help you design your modular kitchen, Wonder Spaces brings to you an easy way to plan your kitchen.

Let's say you already have a plan, layout or shape of kitchen fixed, it can be L Shape, U Shape or Parallel Kitchen among many other options. To design for modular kitchen, we will focus on the finish and cabinet symmetry assembly. Modular Kitchen Design is an essential scheme of things when planning on whee cabinets will be placed, how cabinets will function, the overall design and layout also depends on the finish - laminate, acrylic, PU or Hi - Gloss. The type of hinges to use, the type of drawer mechanism that you are considering to purchase and so on.

We have shortlisted these top 5 design for modular kitchen based on how cabinets are placed, and the front finish. We will talk about each one of them to help you design for modular kitchen in Delhi, Gurgaon or Delhi NCR.

Top 5 Designs for Modular Kitchen

1. Handless Kitchen with Loft Modular Kitchen Design

The kitchen features laminate finish (double side laminated with edge band), a perfect push to open loft cabinets adding much elegance to the kitchen.

The handless kitchen with aluminium profiles also adds to the glamour that this kitchen exhibits. The colour is beige kitchen, the aluminium profile is in bronze colour.

More Modular Kitchen Layouts Below

If you are looking for Beige Modular Kitchen with loft then contact us here:

2. Long Wall Cabinets Modular Kitchen Design

Long wall cabinets (4 feet height) in this kitchen also shows how same colour base and wall cabinets add much fun & aesthetics to your kitchen.

The handless profiles also add value to this amazing minimalistic kitchen. You can go for laminate or acrylic shutters.

More Modular Kitchen Layouts Below

If you are looking for Long Wall Cabinets Modular Kitchen Design then contact us here:

3. Box type Modular Kitchen Design

Box type layout often refers to a perfect rectangle symmetry that has same height of base and wall cabinets, wall cabinets are all lift ups.

The inner shelf, the back splash and the counter top is all quartz or corian or similar counter and back splash colour to add the illusion of unity.

You can choose from 400+ colour options from Merino or Greenlam Laminate, the back carcass is HDHMR.

More Modular Kitchen Layouts Below

If you are looking for Box Type Modular Kitchen Design then contact us here:

4. Bi-Fold Glass Lift Ups Modular Kitchen Design

This elegant tinted glass kitchen is everyone's favourite. The modular kitchen features bi-fold glass lift ups on aluminium profile frame to hold the glass.

This kitchen showcases white counter top and a matching base cabinet colour to allow a symmetry to flow through out.

Customers like bi-fold lift up by Hafelel Blum and prefer this over many other brands.

You can add handles to this kitchen to cut add chemistry to overall modular kitchen design.

More Modular Kitchen Layouts Below

If you are looking for Bi Fold Glass Modular Kitchen Design then contact us here:

5. Two step Wall Cabinets Modular Kitchen Design

Modular cabinets have different depth as per requirement. Base cabinets are always 2 feet in depth, the wall cabinets are usually 1.5 feet in depth however, the loft cabinets can be 2 feet in depth.

We can add spot lights over the base of loft cabinets that can directly reflect on the counter top of the Modular Kitchen. This idea not only adds space but also creates a different character for your Modular Kitchen.

More Modular Kitchen Layouts Above

If you are looking for Two Step Wall Cabinets Modular Kitchen Design then contact us here:


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Suraj Singh
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