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​Modular Furniture​ Essentials

It has been few years for Wonder Spaces to sell Modular Furnitures in India. The New Delhi market is ever expanding and has continued to amaze all of us with expansion in Gurgaon and Noida as well.

The essentials of Modular Furniture are as follows:-

1. Modular Kitchen: The most essential piece of Modular Furniture that you can purchase for your dream home. The kitchen comes in all kinds of shapes and designs. L Shape being most popular. These days builders are also preferring parallel kitchen as it allows them to save some space between the two walls (usually with width of 6 to 7 feet). At Wonder Spaces we usually send our team for measurements and then we create a 3D Drawing of your kitchen with Free Quote Estimation. If you are looking for Free Quote contact us here.

Modular Furniture
Modular Furniture 2.0

2. Modular Wardrobes: Modular wardrobes have two main options, sliding doors and openable doors. Customers can choose from various designs and finishes, making it one of the most essential modular furniture for your home. Wonder Spaces carefully examines each and every possibility to not only utilise space but also give customers best possible solution for Modular Wardrobes. These include adding more drawers under the shelves, adding hangers, hanging rod pull downs and more than 10+ key options only available with Wonder Spaces.

3. TV Units: A home should be nothing but your comfort zone. A perfect couch to sit on, a perfect TV Unit to hold your flat screen tv. These TV units come with various options to show aesthetics and also add storage to your living areas.

4. Crockery Units: A family of four ends up having enough crockery over the years not only for showing / display but also for usage. We recommend using a crockery unit with see through glass doors on profiles, giving not only a storage space to your ceramics, glassware and more but also giving you an opportunity to find them.

If you wish to contact us for your essential modular furniture, that will be designed according to your space and requirement, then feel free to contact us today


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