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Frosty White Laminate Shutters for your Kitchen Or something more premium?

I am writing this blog post for my readers who happened to read about frosty white laminate shutters. And also, those who are planning to get their modular kitchen in frosty white colours. With over 4 years experience in this field, it comes to my personal knowledge that Frosty White Laminate for Shutters is the most common colour choice among people in Delhi and Gurgaon.

A company by the name of Merino sells laminate by the name of Frosty White, within the scheme of things, they have many more options in white, however Frosty White looks most stunning. It is less white than Arctic White colour, however has a touch of cream but looks more white than cream.

What my customers should know?

I often tell my customers to go for another colour in the realm of Merino White, that not only looks better but is also a prime colour choice of Wonder Spaces. The name of that colour is Snow White Gloss Meister PU Panel. This material is different from Frosty White Laminate, however this colour is exceptionally good and shines bright, a better tone of Frosty White Laminate with more glow and brightness.

Wonder Spaces Snow White Gloss Meister Pu Panel Kitchen
Snow White Gloss Meister PU Panel

Price Difference?

At Wonder Spaces we keep are pricing informative and transparent.

Price difference between Frosty White Laminate and Snow White Gloss Meister PU Panel is about Rs. 25 per sqft.

After selling this type of colour for over years, we have come to realise that more we help our customers to make better choice, more often, we get repeat orders.

In 2018 and 2019 we saw 'Cappuccino' colour by Merino taking lot of rounds and we have more to tell you about this colour soon.


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