Modular Kitchen Photos in 2020

Check out top 10 modular kitchen photos that we have selected in 2020

Laminate Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Grey Kitchen in laminate giving perfect single colour symmetry. If you are looking for this type of design then you need longer wall cabinets, more than 3.5 feet. This handless kitchen is our favourite when it comes to good design and space utilization. The splash is 2 feet in height and base cabinets are 2.7 feet in height.

Get this type of kitchen for Rs. 1. 4 Lakhs only.

Features: Mat finish laminate, BWR ply carcass, Premium hardware

Laminate Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Are you looking for sleek design modular kitchen? How about handless wall cabinets with height of 2.5 feet each and a groove to open the cabinets in this ultra white laminate with built in microwave and cooking options.

Get this kitchen for just Rs. 1.6 Lakhs onwards.

Features: High Gloss white laminate with good finish and premium hardware.

Laminate Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Are you looking for extended splash design, with unique wall colours that compliment lights and cabinets? If you are not worried for storage or if your kitchen is not too big ten go for this ultra compact minimum design that has more than 7 drawers, a pantry and in built microwave unit but no wall cabinets.

Get this for Rs. 1.5 Lakhs only.

Acrylic Kitchen in Delhi & Gurgaon

Throw in the good quality fridge, double door and dishwasher, in this beautiful kitchen with island and wall cabinets touching the ceiling. Get this kitchen for Rs. 3.5 Lakhs only, at much better price point than the competition.

Hardware is of premium quality, beuatiful kitchen design with handles.

Acrylic Kitchen in Delhi & Gurgaon

Straight kitchen with double liftup system, white quartz and inbuilt chimney above the hob gives this kitchen a unique design.

Make this yours at just Rs. 1.6 Lakhs for 5 drawer system parallel kitchen.

This unique kitchen design can be upgraded with premium quality hardware by addition of just Rs. 1 lakh and you can add microwave built in the unit as well.

Acrylic Kitchen in Delhi & Gurgaon

Are you looking for a chimney with a microwave? If you find one then let us know. This design from the internet is our favourite as it utilizes space. makes this a unique kitchen.

Get this @Rs. 1200 per square feet for Merino Laminate in Delhi NCR

Acrylic Kitchen in Delhi & Gurgaon

Hi Gloss is your taste? Then this kitchen is worth a watch. Acrylic kitchen with high gloss and beautiful handles makes this a good proposition. Think big think acrylic, starting at just Rs. 1400 per square feet.

Call 8076462421 and get this kitchen today!

More than 6 drawers, this kitchen is high gloss and unique kitchen with beautiful backsplash.

Other kitchens worth mentioning in 2020, are as follows:

Straight Kitchen

Mirror Kitchen

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