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Modular Kitchen Renovation

Are you looking for modular kitchen renovation? If yes, then you are at the right place. The Indian market of modular kitchen is huge as more than 90% of Indian homes have old, carpenter made modular kitchen which are not termite proof, have got lot of issues related to hardware quality and space utilisation.

"Starts at just Rs. 90,000, Get your new kitchen with Wonder Spaces"

Modern Modular Kitchen works on the principle of aesthetics and affordability so that consumer feels not only the 'ease of use' but also appreciate the 'aesthetics of kitchen'.

Modular Kitchen by Wonder Spaces offers the same, easy to install in your existing kitchen as Wonder Spaces team handles entire installation of the modular kitchen of renovation projects.

Is you kitchen affected by termites, or the old colours of cabinets not appealing you? Get top quality modular kitchen by Wonder Spaces within 15 days time at your home follow by 5-6 days of installation process.

Renovate Modular Kitchen
Wonder Spaces Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen by Wonder Spaces allows customer not only decide on how to, but also what to - install? E.g. do you need bottle pullouts near your cooking hob? Do you need plate organisers next to your sink? Where do you want to keep deep drawers? How do you want to use pantry? We have a customer that wants to use pantry pull outs (Ladder) for big utensils while other customers went to store packaged foods in the pantry.

The options are endless and our designers guide you to right use of Modular Kitchen accessories based on Indian cooking and your need. We also offer grain trolleys, pic cutlery tray and many other options for Modular Kitchen.

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