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Parallel Kitchen

Everything you wanted to know about Parallel Kitchen. 

Modular Kitchen is a fairly new concept in India. 10 years back, in 2008 Modular Kitchen was still a new concept. And high rise buildings, flats and societies were coming along in India. Builders were selling these new products called flats and apartments based on the built-up area, which is the total area of the flat (Carpet Area) plus the thickness of outer walls and the balcony. Super built-Up Area is the built-up area plus proportionate area of common areas such as the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. Often prices used to be offered by multiplying per square feet of the buildup area. For consumers, this was a simple math calculation - a build-up area of 2000 square feet would cost Rs. 2000 (depending on builder) x 2000 = Rs. 40 lakhs. 

Over the ages, builders figured out that the kitchen is taking too much space and needs to be reduced. From U Shape kitchens to L Shape kitchens and finally they found that parallel kitchen takes up the least amount of space. 

Parallel Kitchen
Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen is a kitchen which has parallel countertops facing each other. All modular kitchen modules, cabinets, drawers, wall cabinets are placed opposite each other and arranged in a perfect symmetry making it not only compact but also utilising enough space on both walls. Often, space between these two cabinets is roughly 2 feet, sometimes 3 feet at the most. 

Learn more about parallel kitchen and check some more photos here:

Wonder Spaces supplied a few parallel kitchens modular kitchen in Delhi and Gurgaon. Parallel Kitchen takes up almost the same area as both the walls are used. 

Parallel Kitchen Advantages:

  1. Space Utilisation, from both builder's side and also cost-saving as paid less per square feet for the kitchen. In the parallel kitchen, you also have the option to go for another set of wall cabinets or go up vertically. Many modern parallel kitchen often uses entire wall area up till ceiling as this gives the best option for space utilisation. 

  2. Practical Layout: As a counter top, s are opposite each other, you can place wet are on one side and dry area on one side, in other terms, Hob can be placed opposite Sink area. A perfect combination giving you options to arrange utensils and kitchen accessories accordingly. 

  3. Less Movement between the microwave, the hob and sink - makes it easier to manage and cook in Parallel Kitchen Looks sleek, and compact. Very modern and efficient loo can be achieved with parallel kitchen. All modern kitchens have the creative freedom of choosing materials, finishes and kitchen accessories.

Learn More here:

If you want to know more about kitchen hardware and accessories read our blog article on it here:

Planning to buy Parallel Kitchen in Delhi or Gurgaon?

Parallel kitchen is a popular choice in modern times because of all the above points. If you are looking for a parallel kitchen and need more options to choose from, feel free to contact us at

Has your builder made RCC slabs in the kitchen, and you want to know what to do with them?

Short Answer: Break it and get rid of them. 

Long Answer: As India is still progressing, the art of perfect home building has not been achieved, the different technological advancements are often not combined and makes it impossible for the builder, the vendors of different products and services to sit and discuss knowledge gathered over a short span of time. Over just 4-5 years, one thing has been very clear that modern modular kitchen cabinets do not need slabs, as quartz, granite and marble tops can be placed directly on top of the kitchen cabinets supplied by your modern modular kitchen vendor. 

These cabinets are often made on mini-fix, and the carcass itself is made out of 18 mm to 20 mm ply-board or HDHMR board which can hold the countertop easily. 

Our recommendations: The cost of breaking the RCC slab of kitchen counter often delivered by builders in Delhi and Gurgaon and other parts of India is not much. It can be easily broken down by your counter provider/granite/ marble seller, or you can talk to your contractor. The cost of breaking it should be 4 man-days, or 2 labourers working for 2 days maximum. 

Why we want you to break the existing countertop?

Existing countertop once broken, will give us perfect symmetry to place countertop over new carcass /backbox kitchen base cabinets in perfect symmetry. We will also have the following advantages:

The distance from the floor to countertop will be maintained at 32 inches Symmetry will be maintained at the edges and lower bottom of the counterDepth of counter will be maintained 

If you do not want to get rid of RCC slabs, we recommend you to contact us for further solutions, - we can measure, customise each cabinet accordingly. However, we still recommend you to go for above mentioned solutions.


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