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Types of Kitchen Splash

There are different types of kitchen Splash to choose from. As splash is always visible, it becomes very important part of modular kitchen. The colour combinations between splash, top cabinets and bottom cabinets play an important role in today's modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Splash Tiles
Kitchen showing splash tiles

Different types of modular kitchen splash:-

  1. Tiles: one of the most common method to work with back splash is to use tiles. Tiles often come in different colours and gives lot of scope to choose from. This is also the most common material that is being used in India. You can choose tiles in different pattern easily and work with many options.

  2. Stone: Stone finish for back splash is another alternative. There are different types of stones available in the world however getting the right colour can be challenging and also needs a special skill to fit these as they tend to be heavier than the tiles.

  3. Marble and Granite: Though part of stone, they have a different significance. Usually marble and granite are used for flooring or for kitchen counter tops, sometimes this material is also used for splash as this tends to be hard and longs laster. Because of duarabiltu this material is of good choice.

  4. Lacquered Glass: This is a unique material that is being widely recommended recently. Complete glass material in different colours is used as splash. This gives a very neat and fresh look often takes your kitchen to the next level.

  5. Printed Lacquered GLass: Did you know that you can have printed splash? You can print lacquered glass and use it as splash.

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