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What is Modular Kitchen?

Are you planning to buy a new kitchen? You might have heard about the term 'Modular Kitchen', in this blog we will talk about What is Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a modern and flexible way to design your kitchen, allowing you to choose a variety of cabinets for different functions which come in “modules.” The modules are available in all types of customised different sizes which can suit various functions. E.g. you can have a module cabinet with three drawers, or a cabinet with two deep drawers, or a grain trolley, or a bottle pull out and so on. They are also available in any number of colours, styles and finishes which can affect the price, but also means that you will be able to find the right style to suit the look and feel you are trying to achieve in your kitchen.

The Indian Kitchen requires a custom solution for modular kitchen needs with specialised grain trolleys to store 'wheat' for daily chapati routines. Also, the kitchen needs to have a functional triangle between the hob, the microwave and the sink. Sometimes, modular kitchen in India needs a separate cabinet for storing cooking oil in bottle pull outs and a separate cabinet for gas cylinders where gas pipeline is not available.

Todays, technology has given us enough flexibility to not only choose above mentioned modules but also finishes. Finishes here refers to look and feel of the kitchen. You can choose between Laminates, Acrylic, Glass, Paint and so on. Many companies offer different types of finishes to appeal to its customers with underlining aspect of flexibility in mind.

You’re also not limited to the lower cabinets of your kitchen, and if you require a wall mounted or overhead cabinets, these are equally customisable as the lower cabinets. The options are endless with a modular kitchen, as you can mix layouts and designs to make the perfect combination.

While some people might benefit from a large corner cabinet, others may find this space more useful for a different kitchen function. The beauty and flexibility of a modular kitchen mean that you can opt for whatever function works best for you in your space, really giving you the chance to make your kitchen your own.

If you have any questions about modular kitchens, or about planning a new kitchen in general, get in touch with us today.

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