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5 Home Tools Must Haves​​

These are 5 home tools for every home in India, now available on Amazon.

Top Home Tools in 2019
Top Home Tools in 2019 (Read the list)

  • Operating Voltage: 18-18 volts

  • Material: Plastic, Color: Blue

  • Item Dimension: 290mm x 265mm x 95mm

  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Cordless Tool

  • 6 months on warranty

  • Bosch quality, Torque (soft/hard/max.): 21/54/- Nm

  • Designed with robust housing and battery cell protection

  • Motor has changeable carbon brushes for easy maintenance and lower TCO

  • Flexible power system

  • Very durable shell for tough usage and single sleeve auto lock chuck for securing bits

  1. Robust and compact 550W impact drill with extra large kit for multiple needs and includes 120 accessories. The power output is 270 watts and the rated torque is 1.5 Nm

  2. One stop solution for all your mechanic needs. Be your own mechanic

  3. Robust 13mm keyed metal chuck and auxiliary handle with depth gauge, Dual mode functionality drilling/impact drilling, Electronic various speed trigger and trigger lock for continuous working

  4. Drilling capacity in concrete is 13mm, in wood 25mm, in steel 10 mm, in masonry 13 mm

  5. No load speed of 0 - 2700 rpm, Impact rate of 0 - 41600 bpm

  6. Drill wattage: 550 watts, Ergonomically slim and compact design

  7. Material: Plastic; Color: Blue, Tool dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 262x65.5x253

If you wish to schedule geyser, motor switch on and off time daily, this is one product that we recommend. You can read more on Amazon, just click the above name or image and you will be directed to Amazon page from where you can directly buy this item.

  1. Material: Polycarbonate, , Color: WhiteItem

  2. Dimension: 105mm x 66mm x 50mm

  3. 2 Years Warranty

  4. Material: Polycarbonate;

  5. Item Dimension: 105.67.1; Package Contents: 1 Socket; 2 years warranty on productSmart Plug - Suitable for large appliances like Gysers, microwave ovens, Air Conditioners etc.

  6. Energy Monitoring - Monitor the energy consumption of your Electrical appliances.

  7. Check the status of each one from your Wipro Next app and turn off ones that you forget to turn off

  8. Voice Control - Voice Control device connected with Smart Plug via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

  9. Set Schedules - Schedule your devices to turn on and off at set times throughout the day

  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Bathla products are built to last. Each is manufactured with care from the highest quality materials in state-of-the-art facilities. This product is covered by a 5-Year Bathla Trust Warranty that guarantees its exceptional quality.

  • ALL WEATHER RESISTANT:Built from rust-proof, high-grade aluminium and precision engineered HDPE components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. Designed for use in all climates and weather conditions.

  • Description 4pcs Mini Tool Set for Garden Tools in field and bonsai.

  • Stainless Steel Rake: Wood Handle; size: 6 1/4"

  • Forged Bypass Pruning Shears; Polish blades; size: 6"

  • Forged Trimmer Pruning Sehars; Polish blades; size: 6"

  • Stainless Steel Small Shovel: Wood handle; size: 7 1/4"


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