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5 Wardrobes Accessories on Instagram that we love

Wardrobe accessories have come up a long way, each year we see new wardrobe accessories in the market that not only are looking good, but are also user friendly and add solve major functionality. Among the top ones to hit Indian Market with innovative and unique wardrobe accessories are companions and brands like Hettich, Hafele, Ebco and Inox. At Wonder Spaces we join these amazing companies to help you create your dream wardrobe at affordable cost and give you best possible solutions.

Wardrobe Accessories
Organize Wardrobes more Efficiently with Accessories

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Here are our top 5 Wardrobe Accessories on Instagram (with links), however, you can contact us at for custom solution for your wardrobes:

1. Ebco Wardrobe Rack - Keep your clothes organized and crease free with our Wardrobe Rack – Trouser/ Saree.

2. Hettich Organizers for drawers, a well kept secret from everyone? Hettich accessories for wardrobes range from hanging rods often called as wardrobe tubes, to drawers, internal organisers and much more.

Hettich is also famous for durable and good quality hinges, drawers both in normal and soft close. Hettich's sliding system is also praiseworthy.

3. Blum hardware and accessories is as good as Hettich, there is no comparison as each of these two brands are innovating constantly and have best products in the industry.

The blum hardware and accessories are many, with most important being the soft closing hinges.

4. Laundry Basket - an important accessory as a drawer function. You can easily drop your clothes for laundry in this beautiful laundry basket fitted within your wardrobe. A prime function that is missed out by many designers in India.

5. Hanging Pull Downs, a less complicated tool, often sturdy. We like these by Inox and Ebco. For more details contact us


Looking for more ideas for #Wardrobes - visit our Wardrobe Page here:


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