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How do you make a Modular Kitchen?

How do you make a modular kitchen? is a top question asked by our customers, interior designers and architects who want a background check on what steps are to be taken when planning a modular kitchen.

Everyone likes a dream kitchen that has beautiful cabinets and drawers placed in different modules that makes kitchen more organised. The whole idea behind modular kitchen is to utilise maximum space and make it more organised in best aesthetic way possible.

How modular kitchen is made in India?
How modular kitchen is made in India?

We have decided to break this into following 5 easy steps- to plan your modular kitchen in India:-

Step 1 - Define your shape of Kitchen:

The shape of kitchen usually is the most reasonable available walls that will run parallel to the kitchen counter of your kitchen. You can choose from following options:-

  1. L Shaped Kitchen

  2. U Shaped Kitchen

  3. Parallel Kitchen & Straight Kitchen

You can add breakfast counter, island counter to your kitchen depending upon available space in the centre or in one of the sides of kitchen.

Step 2 - Select Modular Kitchen Modules:

Select modular kitchen modules based on your requirements. Choose from long range of modules available with Wonder Spaces choose from three drawer cabinets, two deep drawer cabinets, bottle-pullouts, shelve cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, tall cabinets, pantry, sink cabinets etc.

Our designer at Wonder Spaces helps you get the most ideal design for your modular kitchen at cost effective rates starting at just Rs. 1000. For more details contact us at

Step 3 - Choose the Material:

Select the material for your kitchen. Choose right material is the most important part of your kitchen. As 90% of the material that you choose is often manufactured by a different company. The choice ranges from HDHMR boards, Particle Board, MDF, HDF, HDHMR Boards etc. for the carcass or the back box. Wonder Spaces recommends Action Tesa HDHMR Board that gives moisture resistant and long lasting durable quality and adds years to your kitchen. Apart from carcass you can choose finishes from Lmainates, Acrylic, Glass, PU and Membrane. Wonder Spaces gives you 10 year warranty on all types of modular kitchen when purchased from Wonder Spaces in Delhi or Gurgaon or Pan India Delivery.

Step 4 - Choose the Counter Top:

Select counter top for your dream kitchen depending on your utility and design in mind. If you want to play with colours you can choose from Quartz and Corian solid surfaces. For long lasting and durable options you can choose Granite.

Step 5 - Choose Appliances and Sink:

If you are looking for good quality appliances and sink we recommend to go for online shopping and purchase directly from Amazon. You not only get genuine warranty but also Amazon protection for all your appliances. With new launches you can even buy Amazon basics at attractive prices. For more details on Amazon appliances you can visit our blog post here. For sink, we have made a top list here.


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