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Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular Kitchen Designs are based on shape of kitchen e.g. L shape, U Shape, Parallel and Straight kitchen. The designs also reflect the finish of the exterior material of the kitchen e.g. Laminate, Acrylic, PU and Membrane.

Wonder Spaces Pinterest board below shows many modular kitchen designs that are inspired by real kitchen designers and manufacturers around the world. If you like any of these and from the links below, contact us for Modular Kitchen Custom Design Solutions

If Pinterest Board Link Does Not Load, follow this link:

Modern modular kitchen designs in Delhi and Gurgaon are based on above factors, with custom design options also available.

The design of Modular Kitchen can be broken down into three parts:

1. Shape of kitchen:

Modular Kitchen Designs based on shape are L Shape, U Shape, Parallel and Straight Kitchen.

Wonder Spaces detailed links on each shapes:

L Shape Modular Kitchen Designs

U Shape Modular Kitchen Designs

Parallel / Straight Modular Kitchen Designs

2. Finish of kitchen:

Modular Kitchen Designs based on finishes are Laminate, Acrylic, Membrane, PU

Wonder Spaces detailed links on each finishes:

Laminate Finish

Acrylic & Polymer Finish

PU Finish

3. Aesthetics / Placements of kitchen modules:

Modular Kitchen Designs based on placement of modular kitchen modules e.g. tall pantry placed next to refrigerator, deep drawers placed next to washing unit, a bottle pullout placed next to hob area, three drawers unit placed under hob area and so on.

E.g. a rolling shutter height, width can be adjusted with space availability in your kitchen. A tall pantry can be placed next to fridge etc.

"At Wonder Spaces, I know what it means to give each project I work on the personalised attention it deserves. I want your residential or commercial space to reflect your genuine tastes, and I make it my business to stay within your budget in order to make it happen". - Fahad Khan

Wonder Spaces developed Design Concepts for Modular Kitchen in 2019, many people do not know about these special design concepts that allowed many customers to express their modular kitchen in much better way. These designs were based on material used, aesthetics placements and more.

Design Concepts for Modular Kitchen (by Wonder Spaces)

1. Iconic Kitchens

Inspired from Award winning designs from across the globe! Iconic Kitchens by Wonder Spaces come with Life-Time Warranty. A careful design with multi-fusion of materials such as PU Paint, Lacquered Glass, Wood, Steel and Veneer bring out extraordinary design! All Iconic Kitchen are inspired by award winning kitchen designs across globe. 

2. Epochal Kitchens

German & Italian Kitchens - World's Epochal designs for the ultimate home! Epochal Kitchens by Wonder Spaces come with 5 Year Warranty. These Futuristic Kitchen Designs are based on Acrylic, PU, Lacquer Paint, Polymer Finish with modern hardware & accessories.

3. Express Kitchen

Contemporary designs at affordable prices for a  perfect kitchen! Express Kitchens by Wonder Spaces come with 5 Year Warranty. High Gloss Laminate, Acrylic finishes with regulars like Bottle Pull Outs, Deep Drawers, Grain Trolley, Pantry are part of design options.

If you are planning on kitchen layout you can visit and contact us for more details. Our free design quote allows you to know pricing details before you place your order.

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