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Top 5 Crockery Un​its on Pinterest

We came across these crockery units on Pinterest and though of sharing with our readers. Crockery units not only add grace to your living areas but also adds storage to flats, apartments. A well maintained crockery unit can last upto 10 years or even more.

Top 5 Crockery Units on Pinterest

1. Grey Cabinets with Three Glass Shutters Crockery Unit

A perfect cabinet for your living room. Add extra storage at the bottom cabinets. Add this inspiration to your house by contacting Wonder Spaces. Please note, all these inspirations are part of our out bound program - Crockery Units in Delhi and Gurgaon. We can customise cabinets base don your requirements with latest materials and accessories. This is applicable for all designs and design inspirations.

2. Glass Crockery Units with Wooden Shelves

A unique design made for elegant aesthetics, if you are planning to use this, you can further customise this with left and right wooden visible sides, often colour laminates, hi gloss and acrylic can be used. You can also add lights, led strips etc. based on your convenience. Drawers can also be added with locks if required. This show cabinet can hold your expensive ceramics, crockery and even artefacts. A perfect statement, in a perfect home with eye for detail.

3. Open cabinet for crockery, timeless piece for perfect home

This one in PU is recommended. You can add plate holders, crockery items and art pieces for a grand welcome to your guests. Home interiors must haves for 2020. For more details contact us today!

4. Medium height crockery unit with drawers

A medium height laminated cabinet with glass show cabinet and drawers for maximum storage, an elegant piece of furniture for your entrance, living room or even drawing room. Add planters on top, TV units or more for great looking cabinet.

5. Glass crockery unit with heavy detailing

Are you looking for crockery unit with heavy detailing, wood cabinets and elegant handles? Do you have designs of your own and want to discuss more. Let our designers talk to you and understand your space requirement for crockery unit. Contact us today.

Glass crockery unit with heavy detailing
Glass crockery unit with heavy detailing

Get top quality crockery unit in Delhi or Gurgaon easily with Wonder Spaces. If you want us to ship crockery unit. Add more colours, shelves, glass shelves and much mire easily with Wonder Spaces. Plan your crockery unit today and get 25% discounts on most items. Hurry before offer lasts!


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