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Modular Kitchen with Open Shelves

Ever wondered what it takes to keep open shelves in your kitchen. We are inspired with this new design where ceramics, pots and pans are stored in open for anyone and everyone to take a peek. A perfect white kitchen can have many colours popping with cermics, pots, pans kept in a schematic colour form giving this kitchen a warm look yet unique in its own way. Get this kitchen price at

Ideas for your kitchen shelves:

  1. Keep open shelves with 25 mm thickness shelves

  2. Keep depth at least 250 mm to 300 mm

  3. Plan what are you keeping on your kitchen shelves e.g. planters, pans, pots etc.

  4. Shelves materials can be wood, laminates, raw woods, steel accessories shelves, etc.

Kitchen Shelve
Shelves in the Kitchen

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